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Just Cause 2 grapples onto March 23 release date

27/11/2009 15:50

A recent Square Enix press release has dropped some rather unfortunate news in our laps: Just Cause 2 won't be hitting North American store shelves until March 23, 2010 (or March 26 for Europe, Australia and the Middle East). That's quite a ways past the title's original Q3 2009 launch date -- in fact, that's two whole Qs later than we initially hoped.

Oh, well. It's difficult for us to get in a huff about the game's distant launch date. See, as soon as we feel the huff approaching, we simply watch a bit of Just Cause 2's grapple-and-parachute-centric gameplay, and then we feel inexplicably soothed to our very core.


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