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On our way!

12/02/2010 13:48
Thats right! We are on our way back to you! We will NOT be bringing you gaming news but we WILL bring you gaming news video's. These can be found in the Gaming News page then pick your console and the date/title of the video you feel like clicking on and the video will make its way to you! We hope...

We will no lomger be posting Gaming News

31/01/2010 11:43
Hello World! We have come to a news posting standstill and we will now not be posting gaming news, we may post the important stuff but we WILL be making videos of the latest news so keep an eye out on the video page!

Gran Turismo 5 uses 80% of PS3's power

15/01/2010 11:41
If you're someone who loves themselves some arbitrary console performance figures, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has you covered. Speaking to VentureBeat, the Gran Turismo creator reckons the latest game in Sony's flagship racing series taps "about 80 percent of the processing power"...

MAG Trophies Revealed, Not a walk in the park

15/01/2010 10:09
  If you were looking for the more punishing end of the "Trophy Difficulty Spectrum," you've found it: PlayStation.Blog recently revealed the full list of Trophies for Zipper Interactive's MAG, which will require completionists to get a character to the level cap for each of the title's...

New Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition screens

08/01/2010 21:52
The official Japanese site for the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition has been updated with a ton of fresh screens showcasing some of the new content in the update. In the gallery below, you'll find shots of the new costumes available for Sheva and Chris, as well as some glimpses of the...

Mega Man 10 footage caught on tape

08/01/2010 21:49
Capcom is showing off Mega Man 10 at CES. CES has possibly the highest concentration of video cameras of any location on Earth. You see where this is going. After the break, we've embedded off-screen footage of the faux-retro downloadable game's stadium stage, captured and written up in preview...

Heavy Rain release date official: February 23

08/01/2010 21:48
Did Qore say February 16 was the day Heavy Rain would be released? It meant February 23! As if specifically intended to correct this morning's report, Sony just announced the for-real North American release date for the adventure game. A reminder: pre-ordering the title will get you free...

The Gaming Network is Back!

08/01/2010 21:45
Yes we are back from our break i know we have been gone for a while but we are back and now have a Facebook page Check it out here:

LittleBigPlanet accessory bundle ad references PSP-4000

21/12/2009 13:38
Alas, we've gone yet another decade without a single jetpack, hovercar, hoverpack or jetcar. We've got high hopes for unimaginable technological advancement in the 2010s -- for instance, if a recent advertisement for a bundle of LittleBigPlanet-branded PSP accessories that ran in MCV's latest...

Sony still loses about $40 on every PS3 Slim sold

12/12/2009 10:26
  "It Only Does Everything" Well, except make money. Three years after the launch of the original PS3, Sony has yet to profit from the hardware. It's getting close, though. The redesigned slim PlayStation 3 is smaller -- and thanks to the passage of time -- much cheaper to manufacture than...
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